Ketu in taurus 11th house

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Ketu in taurus 11th house

From end of retrograde state of planet Saturn and Jupiter to starting of Mars retrograde motion. On 23rd September Rahu will enter Taurus and Ketu will enter Scorpio sign which is their respective exalted state. Though there is a school of thought which says Rahu is exalted in Gemini and Ketu is in Sagittarius, but look around do you see any exalted results?? I completely bet on exaltation of Rahu and Ketu to bring relief from Corona situation to stabilization of economy to new modern invention in next 18 months which will change the way we live.

This will be one of the most important transit in year Those who have difficult planetary alignments like Parivartan YogaAfflicted planetsweak Maraka or if their Sade Sati is going on.

As far as my knowledge is concerned Rahu-Ketu transit is concerned, they are almost equivalent to transit of Jupiter. Their nature is mysterious and it is always hard to predict on them because being shadow planet they tend to produce effects in following manner and additionally you have to stick to basic rules of reading a transit. So you can see how mysterious they are and there is no standard formula to predict on them.

In this new Transit Rahu will be going through their 2nd house and Ketu will be going through the 8th house. Whereas the 8th house is death, occult, legacy and is maraka for the spouse. If you are in a salaried job then time won't be much supportive for your career progression but that doesn't mean there will be a downfall. You are likely to stay where you are and your efforts to bring rise or promotion won't yield results to you.

So be careful that is all I can say though remember your running mahadasha and antardasha will decide the final outcome. If you are in business then this transition of Rahu-Ketu in Taurus and Scorpio sign will lead to planning and arrangement of fundings. Speculation should be avoided by you unless you have a strong Jupiter and unafflicted 5th lord planet Sun.

The area of wealth looks tricky since a exalted Rahu in 8th house shows promises of sudden gains but most likely it will be through inheritance only. Regarding your worries on savings, I think there is a indication of spending on house construction or you may buy some expensive gadget.

Mars in 11th house for all the ascendant

If you are looking for a bride or a groom then this transition of Rahu-Ketu in Taurus and Scorpio sign is not supportive much. If you are already married then your spouse can feel some health issues and there can be difference in opinion between you two. With in laws things won't be that great with them they can suffer from Health ailments and same time you may not share much of a great bond with them.The planet Mars has always a great importance in our horoscope of its own.

In Vedic astrology, Mars is known as the planet of war or power. So, it will give you all the achievements but after lots of hard work or struggle. To know everything about the planet Mars and its effect on our life, we have to know the relation of Mars with all the houses. This planet has the power to eradicate the problems in our chart and therefore plays an important role in our life. So, as both the planet and house are similarly important, the placement of Mars in the 11 th house is something significant to discuss.

Therefore, we should check the effect in a proper way. In this blog, you will get to know how Mars is ruling your zodiac sign and the result it will give to you. It may be either good or bad. That depends on your destiny. Here, you will get all the proper information of the connection of Mars with the 11 th house for different zodiac signs.

Mars is a very significant planet in our solar system. According to the distance from the Sun, it stands in the third position of all the planets. It signifies our action, courage, energy and desire. It also rules over our anger, aggression, sexual craving etc. Sometimes we react so late. But with the fire in it, Mars is the planet of action rather than reaction. So, if Mars is placed in an auspicious position according to your kundli, there are the chances that you may be brave and full of courage.

SECRET of Ketu in Eleventh House (South Node in Eleventh House)

Depending upon your zodiac sign and its combination with Mars, the effect can be auspicious or inauspicious. The planet Mars will make you feel happy and full of enthusiasm. You will feel satisfied after completing any of your jobs.This page is based on Vedic Astrology. Mercury is also equally important in forming the foundation of your personality as Sun and Moon sign are.

The way you process information and express. Everyone knows their Sun sign.

ketu in taurus 11th house

It has sort of become a synonym for your personality traits. The moment you tell your Sun Sign, the listener forms a pi. Jupiter is the largest celestial body; its mass is 2. Apparently, it is also called the. Saturn is the last in the solar system, and marks the boundary of the celestial sphere in a way.

Saturn thus is synonymous with restrictions and limit. Rahu is a shadowy planet. It is the north node of the Moon, the point of intersection of the respective paths of Sun and Moon. In Hindu mythology, it. In mythology, it is referred to as th.

It all starts with the Sun. Sun is at the centre of our solar system with all other planets revolving around it. It is the storehouse of energy and th. Love match reading to find the correct partner.

Each one of us has a combination of both Minute scan of planet transit on your love life.Is Ketu casting a positive or negative influence on your life? We need your horoscope to give you a quick analysis. There are twelve houses in astrology, and the house where Sun is posited in a horoscope defines the areas of life. Out of the twelve houses in a horoscope, the house where Moon is posited is the area where you seek emot.

You must have noticed that there are things or areas of life which get you excited and stimulate your enthusiasm or energy. These are the areas where.

ketu in taurus 11th house

Mercury represents intellect, and the house where it resides in a horoscope defines the area where the natives use their intellect. This is the area o. Jupiter is considered as the most benevolent and benefic planet in Vedic astrology.

The house that it occupies in a horoscope is the area where we, as. Venus relates to luxury, romance, wealth, creativity, and elegance. The house where it is located in a chart defines the area where you need to expres.

Saturn gives restrictions, limitations, difficulties, delay and sometimes denial. It is the teacher who wants us to learn the lessons of life and beco.

Rahu is a revolutionary planet. It dislikes authority and condones the social norms. It makes the person anti-authoritarian in the area of life govern.

Ketu in Vedic astrology stands for isolation, enlightenment, mystery, meditation and most importantly, detachment. Ketu represents karma, it shows the. Due to the favourable position of Saturn for coming 7. Predicting your professional growth in the next 12 months and the Vedic methods to get ahead Jupiter, the planet which in a.

The dynamics of a birth chart undergo a major change when a new dasa commences. Find out the changes coming in your life over the next 12 months What your strategy should.

Join Us - As a Panel Astrologer ccare indastro. Login Sign Up.Rahu and Ketu are the most important factors of an astrological chart. Their influence cannot be overstated or overemphasized. According to Hindu myth, Rahu is the reason a Soul incarnates on the Earth plane. Many spiritual traditions say that as Spirits in human bodies, we are here to learn and grow, to experience that which cannot be experienced in other Spiritual Realms.

Human beings have accelerated karma. When a person is born, he meets with physical matter. This matter, whose distinctive feature is the Earth element, accelerates the rate of experience and therefore, spiritual evolution.

Rahu, which is not a planet but a point in the sky where total eclipses occur, reveals to us the earthly realm of experience where most spiritual evolution will occur. Ketu reveals the earthly realm of experience that needs to be perfected and effectively released.

ketu in taurus 11th house

The myth of Rahu is a myth of creation and the myth of Ketu is a myth of dissolution. Throughout world cultures there are myths of creation. Many of them involve a great flood or of water covering the entire Earth.

Water represents consciousness, but not manifest creation. It is within this consciousness that creation can come forth. If we have an idea, it is not yet manifest in physicality, but can be through hard work. The same can be said of the Earth and all of its creatures. Brahma, the creator, had been commanded by the Supreme Being to create. He gave this instruction to his son.

Suddenly, a tiny boar emerged from his nostril and flew down to the Waters to retrieve the Earth. When he hit the water, he swam down and retrieved the Earth from under the water. While he was swimming to the surface, he was attacked by a demon. A fierce battle ensued, but the demon was eventually slain by Varaha and the Earth was brought to the surface of the Waters. For bringing the Earth from beneath the Waters, Varaha was praised by Brahma.

Read your own Horoscope

The Earth was then considered the wife of Varaha. Varaha then gave sacred rites on creating balance and fulfilling desires, called Yagyas after which, he disappeared. Interpretation: As mentioned before, Water represents consciousness. Why did the Boar fly out of the nostril? The sense of smell is made possible by the Earth element.

We cannot smell unless the Earth element is present. The fact that Varaha brought the Earth into manifest creation signifies that the Earth cannot exist without Rahu or the Earth exists because of Rahu.

This concept is spotlighted by the legend that Rahu is the reason Souls incarnate on the Earth to gain experience. All aspects of the horoscope can be transmuted, or worked out, internally.Eleventh house in Vedic astrology is considered the house of income flow from one or many sources.

All the planets in this house are considered auspicious and so is Ketu. Saturn position should also be analyzed to arrive at final decision because Saturn is the lord of eleventh house, being the Aquarius Sign. If Saturn is strong, the results will be more positive. Most important feature of Ketu, in eleventh house, is courageous nature of the native which is inherent. Such a person will never lose hope even in the hardest time. He will struggle hard to come out such situations with faith in hard work, religion and God.

He will be generous, charitable and famous due to his nature, thoughts and devotion towards work. Such native are perfect in administration and can handle any odd situation. He has the skill to lead any organization successfully. He will be lucky and will enjoy the comforts and luxury of life. He may also face some unwanted situations in his life beyond his control.

If Ketu or Saturn is malefic in the chart, the native has to face some difficult situations in life. He may be trapped in some conspiracy. He worries a lot for his future and may suffer from stomach diseases. Native with malefic Ketu in the chart should donate two colored blanket to the poor or in Bhairon Temple on Wednesday or Sunday. Alternatively he can also donate mustard oil on Saturday.

Lord Bhairon should be worshipped if Ketu is giving malefic or negative results. Temple of Bhairon should be visited frequently. This Yantra engraved on copper or bhojpatra should be kept in temple at home and should be worshiped daily.

His prediction comprises of deep observation of houses, nature of planets, their position and strength in a horoscope. Remedies suggested by him are traditional and time tested comprising of mantra therapy, charity, pujas, offering prayers, gem and rudraksha therapy.

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You may feel some positivity at your professional front. But still stress at professional front may not be ruled out. You should be careful while dealing with your seniors and over enthusiasm should be totally avoided Your professional front may also not show positive results.

You may face problems with your higher authorities. Some of you may even lose their jobs. Differences with higher authorities may keep you worried Take care of your health. This transit may create problems related to health. Minor injuries may not be ruled out. Be cautious while crossing or walking on the road and do not pick up any quarrel whatsoever You may find lack of harmony in relations with family members.

Married life may not be satisfactory as you may remain irritated even on small issues. You need to control your harsh speech to maintain sweetness in the relations Jupiter transit in Capricorn in the year will prove to be a significant event and will have noteworthy influence on the natives of different Ascendants and Moon SignsListed below are all the latest promo codes for each Bet365 product, the bonus amount and of course our bonus code to make sure you get the biggest bonus.

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ketu in taurus 11th house

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